Is AKA Confused? Check Out His Reactions To The Top 50 SA Hip Hop Rappers’ List Here

SA rapper has joined other artists who reacted to the top 50 greatest SA rappers’ list.

The list has gained more attraction from our SA celebs over a week ago, but ’s reactions to the list is quite disturbing.

When the list was out on social media, first reaction says it “looks legit”.

Check below:

However, on Sunday, took to Twitter in other to drop out his major concern about the list and it turned out controversial against his former review.

“These lists are very disappointing ….. things just make no sense whatsoever. I mean, how the hell can you have a top 50 SA Hip Hop list without Ifani?” he said.

Fans believed was trolling iFani, as some said the rapper was being sarcastic.

Reactions be like:

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